Wedding Disco

Due to an interest in computer controlled lighting, I have ended up playing with some DMX controlled disco lights using limelight software from Trace Lighting.

Over the past few years, I have helped my housemate with my sister’s wedding disco and this weekend, I helped another friend with theirs. These are not regular gigs and with my day job, I do not have time to take this up any further but it is good when they do come along. The nice thing is being able to help friends out without needing to charge them.

Setup is the smaller of the ones that we have normally done but 2 of the lights blew their bulbs on Saturday so couldn’t take them along. Worked out ok though.


The larger setup included dual outriggers for additional lighting.


I can also do up-lighting with makes a nice touch to the day time events. Quite a few people commented on it.




Wedding Disco
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